Announcements for 3/15/21-4/2/21 and Science Fair

We will not be having site for the next three weeks, from 3/15/21-4/2/21, and will return for site the week of 4/5/21. The science fair will be on 5/5/21, and students can ask any questions on the discussion board or email their mentors.


The Bruin Experiment

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Announcements for 4/5/21-4/9/21

Site is starting up again this week! It will be during the same time (2:45-4:45) with the same set up. No supplied are needed this week. Thanks, The Bruin Experiment

Site Materials for 3/8/21-3/12/21

So for this week's site, the students will not be needing any materials. Just make sure they are finishing the materials and procedures for their projects. Thanks, The Bruin Experiment

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