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About Our Club

The Bruin Experiment was established in 2014 by UCLA undergraduate students. Our mission is to cultivate scientific curiosity in middle school students of the Los Angeles Unified School District, and further, to inspire our mentees to begin thinking about college. We recruit mentors during the fall quarter through an application and interview process, and we spend winter and spring quarters with our mentees at site in preparation for the annual TBE science fair. Our organization also emphasizes building a community between mentors through social events and weekly meetings.


Recruitment Process

(Fall Quarter)

Our organization recruits UCLA undergraduates during the

fall quarter through the following process:

Wednesday Week 1 Application Released

Friday Week 3: Application Due

Monday Week 4: Round 1 Results Released

Week 4: Interviews Week

Sunday Week 4: Interview Results Released

Week 5: New Member Orientation & Workshop 


Visiting the Middle Schools

(Winter and Spring Quarter)

The club currently outreaches to Palms Middle School and Mark Twain Middle School.

Throughout winter and the first half of spring quarters, UCLA mentors visit the middle schools for after-school activities, providing fun lab demonstrations and presentations to motivate our students and to educate them about the scientific and engineering design methods. During the second portion of our visit, students break into groups with their mentors to construe ideas and, ultimately, science fair projects!


TBE Annual Science Fair

(Spring Quarter)

Our mentees showcase their projects at our science fair in UCLA's Ackerman Grand Ballroom. UCLA faculty join us in celebrating our students' hard work as judges, which allows our undergraduate mentors an opportunity to also network with professors and graduate students in their field. The science fair also includes collaborations with other on-campus organizations, who run side activities for our guests and students. Awards and certificates are awarded to participants at the end of the day, along with a campus award for Best Eight Clap Rendition!

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