Meet the Executive Board

Here is our Executive Board for the 2021-2022 School Year

Madelyn Romberg


4th Year

Major: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and History

I absolutely adore watching all of our students blossom into creative scientists! They have some of the biggest, brightest, and most unique ideas for their science experiments.

Fun fact: I have never lived more than 25 minutes from the beach but I still can't surf


Gray Harman 

Internal Vice President

4th Year

Major: Psychobiology

My favorite part of the Bruin Experiment is seeing the mentees be so excited about their projects at the fair. I love watching them learn, grow, and be proud of their accomplishments at the end of the program. Being able to help them along the way is so meaningful and rewarding.

Fun fact: I won my school's pi reciting competition in middle school!

Asha Agarwal

External Vice President

3rd Year

Major: Neuroscience 

I love getting to see all of our mentees lovely smiles week after week! It’s amazing watching their science fair projects progress and grow:)

Fun fact: I danced from the time I was three years old to the end of high school!


Khushi Gupta

Science Fair & Recruitment

3rd Year

Major: Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics

Meeting all the adorable kids and seeing how passionate they are about science and their project ideas and making unforgettable memories at retreats with the mentors!

Fun Fact: I've kissed a giraffe :)

Elizabeth Kaplan

Science Fair & Recruitment

2nd Year

Major: Physiological Science

My favorite part of TBE is seeing my mentees expand their knowledge and creativity over the course of the year. Seeing their faces light up with excitement and curiosity as they do every experiment is just magical!

Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with mango if I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be mango.

Naren Ramesh


3rd Year

Major: Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics with a Bioinformatics Minor

My favorite part of TBE is watching our students grow as students, scientists, and people. Both the years I mentored students, I loved watching my students get progressively more confident in themselves and their projects throughout the year.

Fun Fact: I was a Starbucks barista in high school so if you need drink recommendations, hit me up!


Sophia Westerkamp


2nd Year 

Major: Chemistry 

My favorite part of TBE is the people! The TBE community is such a fun and amazing group of people that I am so lucky to be a part of!

Fun Fact: I am allergic to kiwi.


Delaney Cheffer


3rd Year 

Major: Chemical Engineering

I love getting to teach the students about the scientific method and seeing them apply the steps to their own experiments. Seeing all the students' hard work come together at the science fair is also very exciting!!

Fun fact: I love running and have completed a half marathon!

Joshna Susai


3rd Year

Major: Psychology 


My favorite part of TBE is watching the students become so invested in their experiments as weeks go by, and seeing how excited they are to present their hard work at the Science Fair! 


Fun Fact: I Irish danced competitively for five years when I was little!

Samiha Molla


3rd Year

Major: Physiological Science

My favorite part about TBE is the people!!!! I love all the mentors & our mentees so much, and going to site with everyone is always the highlight of my week!!

Fun Fact: My favorite book series is the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) and I'm sticking by it!


Mahika More


2nd Year

Major: Cognitive Science

My favorite part of TBE is bonding with the kids and listening to their stories :)

Fun Fact: I've played violin for 8 years now!

Katharine Newman


3rd Year

Major: Psychobiology


I love being able to work with children and see the difference that we are making in each one. The bonds created through the Bruin Experiment are so special and seeing these children become confident in their futures and excited about science is so rewarding. 

Fun Fact: I have 6 chickens at my house and we get eggs from!